August 30, 2007

"We are Knights of the Round Table..."

I was amused this morning to find this on CAPBlog.

I wasn't sure weather or not this was someone's idea of a joke, but after reading the discussion on CAPTalk, it's for real folks.

Although I don't think a sword is necessarily the right thing, some ceremonial accoutrement is definitely in order. Fireman get a hatchet or bugle depending on who you talk to. I believe Cops get a ceremonial pistol.

However, Sandman makes a valid point in the above forum about CAP and the Sword:
Have we already forgotton we have earned the sword? What about the sub-chasers of WW2? Pilots who have perished in support of the war effort? Getting shot at intentionally for the war effort (towing targets)? CAP was born out of combatant history.

August 21, 2007

That's How Legends Are Made...

I was saddened to hear this today when I checked in on CAPBlog.

It is with deep regret that I inform you that three members of the Civil Air Patrol perished in the line of duty yesterday.

A Wyoming Wing aircrew was participating in an AFRCC authorized search for a missing 16 year old. After the plane was reported two hours overdue, a second CAP aircraft was launched to search for the missing C-182 when a U.S. Forest Service helicopter working in the area spotted the crash site in rough terrain.

The names of the members will not be released until their next of kin have been notified. I will provide you with more information as it becomes available.

Brigadier General, CAP
Acting National Commander

Semper Vi, guys.

August 15, 2007


Ever since Tedda closed the incredibly awesome and addicting "Civil Air Portal", those of us needing somewhere to talk about the CAP to the Blogs and CAPTalk. The remnants of Civil Air Portal can be seen on CAPTalk, and those mini-people adorning some signatures.

But Tedda has returned with his new "Flying Minutemen" site. The most amusing part is clearly the banners at the top, ranging from a Men in Black parody to the infamous CAP Cigarette woman saying things that belong on naughty T-shirts from Wal-Mart. (My favorite is the title.) In addition, he has added a comic called "Auger In", the first episode is well thought out and true. (I think that happened to me once...)

Lotsa potential here. Kinda wish it had the forums again. (plug)

August 9, 2007

CAP and Forest Fires

From CAP News online:

SOUTH DAKOTA -- The South Dakota Wing provided important fire-spotting capabilities in the early stages of a Black Hills forest fire that killed one person, injured two firefighters and destroyed 33 houses.

After lightning sparked the Alabaugh Canyon fire July 7, South Dakota Wing members made frequent fire observation flights in the early stages of the fire under the organization's memorandum of understanding with the state until the size of the blaze prompted the U.S. Forest Service agencies to bring in its own aircraft.

The wing essentially acted as an Air Attack platform for state fire officials to direct the aerial attack on the fire, using helicopters and single-engine air tankers, said Col. Mike Beason, wing commander.

"The state appreciates the availability of CAP," Beason said. "They had us on immediate alert status since July 1st so they could get airborne rapidly when a fire would break out."

The South Dakota Wing has made over two dozen flights since early May, logging many hours in the fire-detection role.

"Primarily, the state has had us fly fire-spotting sorties," Beason said, "especially after lightning storms, but also during the Fourth of July fireworks season."
Good Job SDWG! I have been working with the NJ State Park Service this summer between semesters, and know a person who was fighting the wildfire in Wharton State Forest. The NJSPS has it's own aircraft that fight fires, but I would imagine that many of these state agencies could use cheap spotting aircraft. Seems like a natural role for CAP.

Although CAP could probably not participate in actual bombings. That takes a lot of specialized equipment and training for the pilots and aircrews. Besides, as pointed out in this thread, CA would never allow it to happen. However here in Dirty Jersey and some of these other smaller states might be able to use CAP as a fire-prevention resources.

August 7, 2007

Major General Pineda

As many of you already know, Major General Pineda has been suspended as National Commander, and Brig. Gen. Courter is the acting National Commander.

I will not blog on this development as the blog-god MidwaySix is covering it excellently.

I had the opportunity to meet Gen. Pineda last year at the Wreaths across America celebration at Arlington National Cemetery. My Cadet Commander was escorting him around all day. My personal impression was that he was rather full of himself and making a big media circus about his involvement. My Cadet had the same impression. (This, of course, is my personal opinion, and should not be taken as fact.) But even that is not detrimental as a leader; General George S. Patton Jr. was also a prima donna.

Regardless, He is innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of your feelings, remember that folks. If he is cleared and returns as National Commander, let's salute and execute like the professionals we are.

August 2, 2007

Bridge Collapse.

I was saddened to hear this morning of the Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis. My prayers and thoughts go out to those families who lost someone, and those families and persons who are on-scene for the ongoing recovery efforts. Semper Vigilans.

However, this is a CAP site, so I must ask the question: is CAP involved? Obviously not on-scene for the recovery efforts, but in a logistical/support role. Are the SDIS planes airborne doing damage assessment? Are we transporting men and material to the scene? (Not divers for obvious reasons). Does anyone know?

UPDATE: Thanks to our anonymous commenter, the CAP has not been activated. I figured the question deserved to be asked, and the above are just some of the ways CAP could help. Thank you again.

(image courtesy of Fox